Software projects

Support with project management, in all project roles and phases

Project management

During my career I have led numerous product development, integration, and deployment projects. Lengths of these projects have varied from one to eighteen months. Leading of software related projects has been a big part of my work during recent years.

Specification and designing

I have specified functionalities of service management systems for over 20 years, and I can prioritize demands considering the benefits that the functionality brings. During my work life I have studied databases (MySQL, SQLServer and Oracle) and this helps me to design functionalities considering database optimization. I can use both waterfall and agile development methodologies.

Development and testing

I have implemented functionalities both with Java and JavaScript to Requeste and ServiceNow systems. Also, integration implementations and different system APIs are very familiar to me. Because I know how to implement functionalities, it also helps me to design them in a way that the implementation does not take too much time.
I have created test cases, written test plans and organized tests, so I can help with the testing phase too.


In the projects I have led, I have often been responsible for the trainings too. I can train all the end users as well as system administrators both in Finnish and in English.


If needed, I can also participate in deployment planning and support after the changes, or the new system have been moved to production.

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Project team work

Scrum board


Software projects

Support with project management, in all project roles and phases


Specifications and development of integrations between ITSM/CSM-systems and CMDB

Service processes

Digitalization and increasing efficiency of service processes using the best practices in the industry

ServiceNow and Requeste

Consulting, specifications and development using agile methodologies

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